PLF Agritech
Our Mission

Provide technologies for smart livestock farming. 

  • Help farmers by providing meaningful data they can act upon.

  • Improve living conditions of farmed animals,

  • Reduce the enviromental impact of intensive animal farming.

What is Smart Livestock Farming?

Smart Livestock Farming is the use of advanced technologies to optimise the growth of animals. Different tools, such as cameras, real-time image analyses and sensors around the animals are continuously monitoring the health, welfare, and environmental condition within the habitat.

PLF Agritech has developed GROW PERFECT an integrated system  comprising revolutionary technologies for intensive livestock farms. 


Grow Perfect is a system of hardware (sensing technologies) integrated with purpose-built software which collects and analyses key production data from the livestock production facility. The process of data collection is complemented by an innovative, automated, real time analysis, reporting and advisory facility which enables precise monitoring and management of growing conditions within large farm production buildings. 

Easy to adopt (does not require to change current management practices).

Easy to understand (only important and production influencing data presented in simple format).

Has a potential to save up 30% on production cost.

Elements of Grow Perfect

Enviro Detect

Facilitates routine assessment of environmental parameters.

Weight Detect

Non-invasively weighs pigs within the same pen.

Feed Detect

Provides accurate measurements of feed weight delivered to individual animal pens.


A cutting-edge production management software package